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SUPRA invites individuals driven by an anthem of authenticity, individuality, and unapologetic expression. We are for those that break barriers and push past expectations. Together we go above and beyond to take charge, tell our own stories and create a legacy that is SUPRA. We are the passionate, the visionaries, the disruptive, the bold and the defiant.

In 2006, SUPRA, a footwear and lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles, set out to create ground breaking skateboarding shoes that would match their skate teams’ style on & off the skateboard.

Just one year later, Chad Muska designed the legendary “Skytop” model, transcending fashion and trends. With buzz stirring from the skate and lifestyle world, SUPRA became one of the worlds leading independent footwear brands with the success of the iconic Skytop. SUPRA has continued to release signature model shoes from team riders, such as Muska, Ellington, Jim Greco, Tom Penny, Stevie Williams, Terry Kennedy and Lizard King.

While legendary in the world of skate, SUPRA began merging the lifestyle and skate world in a way no one had even attempted. SUPRA fired off collaborations with Jay-Z, producer/DJ Steve Aoki, and hip- hop artist Lil Wayne, designing a color-way for Williams' signature shoe model, the "S1W"—the project was promoted as a "synthesis of skateboarding and hip hop”.

By December 2012,  SUPRA released a 260-page coffee table book that documents the history of the company since inception, and includes over 2,000 Supra sneakers.

Acquired by KSGB In 2016, SUPRA Footwear focused on re-establishing the brand as a leader in the skate and footwear markets. Leveraging the expression of music, art, skateboarding and fashion, in 2016, SUPRA celebrated its 10 year anniversary with a celebration in Tokyo.

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